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Virus & Malware Removal

I specialize in cleaning, restoring, and optimizing virus laden machines that have become slow and/or unusable. Let me speed up your slow PC and load it with data saving tools and virus protection software to safeguard your valuable data. Save yourself time and money: please don’t buy a new machine before having me take a look.

Desktop/Laptop Repair & Tune Up

I specialize in a broad variety of laptop and desktop PC repairs. This includes major teardown and reconstruction of individual components, to include laptop/macbook LCD screens, solder work on motherboards themselves, etc. Bottom line: I aim to save you money by fixing the true problem, in the interest of replacing only what is truly broken…not giving you the runaround and replacing the entire system unnecessarily, like some businesses may do – I even handle the parts ordering, if any are needed.

iPad and Tablet Device Repair

I encourage you to have a look at my services before you visit the Apple geniuses, or the Geek Squad! I think you will find that their corporate approach ends up costing you more, while my personalized, guided repair solutions offer far more inexpensive and time saving options to you. Not to mention, I come to you to do it. If I cannot finish the job there, I can either return to work on it later, or take it with me and deliver your machine to you later!

Operating System Installation and Restoration

Having trouble with Windows 10 or Mac OSX? Let me save you the needless hassle of hours wasted waiting on hold with a tech rep in another country. Your time is valuable. I come to you to get the job done. Period.

Computer Instruction and Training

Troubleshooting complex software and hardware issues can be frustrating and time consuming. I can schedule recurring classes with you to school you up on the latest and greatest techniques and skills to get you up to speed with your machine. Friendly. Personable. The way computer service was meant to be.

Data Recovery and Backup

Windows or Mac, I can get your data safely backed up or restored. Let me use my professional toolkit to salvage valuable data and software from your inoperable hard drive. Some businesses recommend costly replacement first. I troubleshoot, isolate, and fix first, replace last. Money? You just saved it.


  • Desktop and Laptop Repair

  • Hardware Installation, Repair, and Replacement

  • Software Troubleshooting and Error Repair–Windows & Mac

  • Operating System Installation & Restoration–Windows & Mac

  • Spyware and Virus Removal

  • Network/Wireless Setup, Maintenance, and Repair–Windows & Mac

  • Fixing minor networking issues in homes & small businesses

  • iPad, Tablet, Phone & mp3 Repair

  • PC Tune-up & Optimization Service & New Computer Setup

  • High-Speed Internet Setup

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery, Backup & File Transfer–Windows & Mac

  • Memory & Performance Upgrades–Windows & Mac

  • Computer Instruction & Training

  • Printer Set-up, Service and Repair–Windows & Mac

  • Custom Computer Builds, including Gaming Rigs

  • Remote Troubleshooting Services

  • Repairs to other home electronics & devices

  • Help with Outlook, & email issues

  • If not listed here, please call, I can repair most anything!

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